Price list

Prices for 2020-2021

The Business Foundation Program

  • 7155€ of tuition fee (from Sept. to June)
  • 550€ of multi-services fee*

 Courses in French as a Foreign Language – Long-term courses (one, two or three trimesters)

  • 2850€ of tuition fee per quarter
  • 275€ of multi-services fee*

A 5% discount on tuition fee is offered for the purchase of two trimesters / 10% on tuition fee for the purchase of a full year (three trimesters).

Courses in French as a Foreign Language – Short-term courses

  • 300€ of tuition fee per week (from two to four weeks) / 290€ per week (from five to eight weeks) / 270€ per week (from nine and more)
  • 150€ of multi-services fee*

Courses in French as a Foreign Language – “A la carte”/Customised

  • 70€ per hour for consumers / 100€ per hour for businesses
  • 150€ of multi-services fee*

Summer programs

Housing included in prices:

French Language, Culture & Gastronomy

French Language, Culture & Sports

2 910€ 2 910€

Teacher training

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* Multi-services fee allows access to School’s multimedia network, Internet, media library, international student card (ISIC).