Here are a few ideas for your cultural outings and sports activities:


La Rochelle is situated in the Charente-Maritime department which is in the Poitou-Charentes region. A City of History, La Rochelle will charm you with its architecture, monuments and geographical location as well as with its climate and very special atmosphere. The Charente-Maritime is a premier tourist destination which offers a multitude of sites to visit, including its three islands: The “white “ island of  Ré  the “brightly-coloured” island of Oléron and the charming little island of Aix.

To find out more, contact the city Tourist Office at 2, quai George Simenon.

You will also find addresses for all the best restaurants and bars in La Rochelle on this website!


  • La Coursive offers a varied programme of concerts and performances featuring many talented actors and artists. An annual subscription is available for an attractive price. The Box Office is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays.
  • Le Carré Amelot is La Rochelle’s cultural centre dedicated to the visual and musical arts.



  • The CGR Multiplex Cinema:  as a student you can take advantage of the special student rate which is available on week days –just show your student card when buying your ticket.


La Rochelle has several museums which invite you to discover its history and heritage:

  • Musée des Beaux-Arts (The Fine Arts Museum): 28 rue Gargoulleau – 17000 La Rochelle: This museum offers a rich panorama of European painting from the 15th century to the start of the 20th century, including classic works by painters such as Eustache Lesueur, Paul Liégeois, Jacob II de Gheyn, Luca Giordano and Willem van Velde Le Jeune. It also provides a full illustration of the paintings of the 19th century Salon with works by Camille Corot, Paul Huet, Gustave Doré etc. A special place is given to artists from the region such as Théodore Chassériau (whose father was from La Rochelle), Eugène Fromentin and William Bouguereau. In addition to views of the port of La Rochelle by Paul Signac and Albert Marquet, the 20th century is represented by remarkable works by Aristide Maillol, Antoine Bourdelle, Alberto Magnelli and Paul Chaissac etc. These are exhibited in turn on an alternating basis.
  • Musée du Nouveau Monde (The New World Museum): 10 rue Fleuriau – 17000 La Rochelle: This museum is housed in the mansion house of an 18th century La Rochelle merchant trader, ship-owner and plantation owner. It highlights the heritage and special relationship between the New World and France as a whole and La Rochelle in particular.



Sport :

The Student Sports Association at Excelia Group is called the Bureau des Sports (BDS).  You take part in both team and individual sports with this association. A wide range of sports and sports equipment are available. The BDS will be happy to give you all the information you need.