Our Teacher

All our teachers are ready to welcome you and to ensure that you enjoy an authentic linguistic and cultural experience. They are all native French speakers and are specialists in the teaching of French as a Foreign Language to international students.

  • Frédérique BABIN

Frédérique qualified as an Instructional Designer, completed Year 2 of a Master in Didactics of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and World Languages, and obtained DUT qualification in Marketing Techniques. She then went on to specialise in the teaching French as a Foreign language.

After spending 3 years in the Netherlands, at the renowned Regina Coeli language institute, then at the Alliance Française and the Tilburg Chamber of Commerce, she joined Excelia in 1994 as a Lecturer. Here she further developed her passion for teaching the French language and culture to international learners, and helped promote France and Excelia around the world.

Today, thanks to her qualification as an Instructional Designer, she supports IEF teachers in the process of continuous improvement, as well as Excelia group in the assessment of training projects.

  • Dominique BIGNON-HANSENS

Dominique is a French as a Foreign Language teacher and graduate of the University of Paris XII. She has extensive experience of living as an expatriate in Germany, which has become her second home.

  • Patrick BOITEL

Patrick is a French as a Foreign Language teacher and a graduate of the University of Paris XIII. He spent ten years in Mexico, so he fully understands the importance of learning languages and being able to communicate.

  • Martine COUVERT

Martine is a French as a Foreign Language teacher with a Master in Linguistics. She also teaches Spanish and English and is passionate about foreign languages.

  • Camille GAUTIER

Camille Gautier has a degree in French as a Foreign Language from the University of Toulouse and specialises in the science of language. In addition, she provides literacy courses for gypsy communities.

  • Philippe OGUET

Philippe is a French as a Foreign Language teacher and a graduate of HEC Holland. His international experience includes 9 years in the Netherlands teaching business French for the CCI and the Alliance Française. Philippe is one of the pillars of French as a Foreign Language teaching at the IEF La Rochelle.

  • Béatrice REYMOND

Beatrice is a French as a Foreign Language teacher with a DAEFLE qualification, specialising in French for Specific Purposes.

Trained at the Alliance Française in Paris, Béatrice has a wealth of experience teaching French and English to primary and secondary school pupils, and French to university students and learners with a variety of different goals. She also teaches French as a Foreign Language to students at the Summer School of the Guang Ming High School in Shanghai. Béatrice is experienced in helping students with dyslexia in French as a mother tongue and French as a second language.

Her vocation as a teacher came to the fore in the field of sport… she was a ski instructor in Grenoble before setting up her own tap dancing school. It was this relationship with the learner that confirmed her passion for teaching.


Manuelle is a graduate in Literature and Languages from the Sorbonne, and discovered French as a Foreign Language many years ago. She has made it her profession, and is passionate about languages and teaching foreigners.