Private flats

Private flats (Only available for stays of one month or longer)

Once we have received your accommodation request form, we will assist you in searching for a flat and sending you 2 or 3 options that meet your requirements. These will include proposals for hotel-residences such as Les Estudines, Appartcity, Maeva, Suitétudes, and Cardinal. We work with several such residences located close to the School, which offer furnished and equipped studio apartments for rents of between 500 and 600€ per month, depending on the residence and the length of your stay.

Warning: there is limited availability for this type of accommodation. Please check the rental conditions for each residence.

Our accommodation platform

Excelia rallies all its hosting services in a new platform that will allow you, in some steps, to find accommodation adapted to your needs in La Rochelle.

What does it consist of!

  • Availability of accommodation announcements in private flats or a host family (according to your choice): furnished flats / standard flats / shared flats /room in a host family; the whole near the School.
  • A mail service that allows you to contact the owners directly; for a faster and efficient process without agency fees.
  • A person in our team who helps you and advise you:




Head of student life

Phone : +33(0)5 46 51 77 20