Host families

All our host families are carefully selected. We visit them regularly, and we have worked with some families for several years. We highly recommend this type of accommodation.

The family provides you with a single, comfortable and practical room. They will come to collect you at the train station or La Rochelle airport, and they will also take you on a visit to the city, show you how the local transport system works so that you can travel around and get to the School. They will also tell you the local sites to visit and may even sometimes take you there. The family is always available to help and advise you.

You can also have breakfast and dinner with the family, which will enable you to perfect your language skills and share your experiences and ideas. Living with a family in this way can be an extremely enriching experience from both a cultural and language-learning perspective – it will be something that you will look back and remember with very fond memories in the future.

Short training courses:

In a single room, 2 options are possible: Bed and Breakfast (1 night = 20€) or half-board (1 night = 28€)

Length of stay
(number of nights)
Tariff: Bed and Breakfast
(Room + breakfast)
Tariff : half board(Room + breakfast + evening meal)
1 week (6 nights) 132€ 168€
2 weeks (13 nights) 286€ 364€
3 weeks (20 nights) 440€ 560€
4 weeks (27 nights) 595€ 756€

Long training courses (stays of more than 1 month):

There are 2 options available:

  • Room only: 350€ per month. The student may occasionally eat with the family, subject to their agreement. In this case, a supplement of 5€ will be charged for dinner or 2.50€ for breakfast. These charges are to be paid directly to the family.
  • Room and meals: (half-board in the week, full board on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays): 570€ per month.

IMPORTANT!  For stays of more than 1 month:

A deposit (caution) of 200€ will be required at the start of your stay. Of course, this deposit will be returned to you when you leave, provided that no damage has been incurred. Furthermore, when you leave the host family home, you must return the keys given to you upon arrival.

If you wish to leave before the arranged date, you must notify the host family and the IEF Accommodation Officer and give 15 days’ notice before leaving.

If you do not respect this notice period, the sum of 100€ will be automatically deducted from the deposit you paid at the start of your stay. Please also note that none of the rent for the current month will be reimbursed.