Courses in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

French language classes are offered in several different formats. fle_uk

Courses in French as a Foreign Language (Long-term course: one-quarter of study)

One semester courses lasting 12 weeks are offered over 3 teaching periods:

  • Autumn: from September to  December 2020
  • Spring: from January to April 2021
  • Summer: from May to July 2021

 Each semester course includes 240 hours of tuition (20 hours per week). Teaching content is as follows:

  • Business French
  • Grammar
  • Written expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking skills
  • French civilization
  • TEF Test

 Classes are organized according to level, with a maximum of 24 students per group.

 Special bonus: The Integration Week is held at the start of the Autumn and Spring semesters.

 The Autumn and Spring semesters both start with a 5-day Integration Week specially designed for our international students.

 We extend a hot welcome to all our students and hope to enjoy a truly unique experience at our institution.

 The program includes:

  • Intensive French language classes.
  • Sports and cultural activities (so that you can experience multicultural life as soon as you arrive in France).

All the activities aim to promote awareness and integrate the School’s values such as the acceptance of others, respect for diversity, self-confidence, teamwork, etc.

Length Tuition fees
Multiservices fees* Total**
1 quarter € 2850 € 275 € 3125
2 quarters € 5700 € 550 € 6250
3 quarters € 7700 € 550 € 8250 


 French as a Foreign Language – Short courses

Our short courses (20 hours a week) aim to enable you to acquire or develop your knowledge of French grammar and vocabulary to improve your oral and written skills.

Short courses are offered all year long for registrations of 2 weeks minimum.

Length Tuition fees
Processing fees
 From 2 to 4 weeks € 300 per week  € 150
 From 5 to 8 weeks  € 290 per week
 9 weeks and more  € 270 per week

 ‘A la carte’ courses

 These customized programs are designed and scheduled according to your specific requirements regarding both level and content.

Tuition fees
Multiservices fees*
Private individual € 70 per hour € 150
Corporate € 100 per hour € 150


* The multiservice fee gives access to the School services: IT equipment, Internet access, library, international student ID card (ISIC).

** The total is given without the Contribution Vie Étudiante CROUS (CVEC) of 92€, which must be paid directly to the CROUS (National Students Office) to get a receipt allowing students to complete their registration. Click here for more info!