Teacher training

Over a week, this course is for teachers of FLE who wish to develop their teaching methods or enhance their professional skills. It aims to provide trainees with the tools required to design their own training programs.


4 main areas are covered during the course:

  • Using pictures and images to teach civilization,
  • Manipulating words and meaning,
  • Eliciting oral skills,
  • Eliciting written skills.

Program (20 hours):

Issues and topics covered:

– Which process for what kind of learning?

– What kind of support for what type of learner?

– What kind of techniques can be used for differentiated instruction?

– How can we define, structure, and support the learning of FLE

– Which tools will enhance student motivation?

– How can group interaction be encouraged?

– Which learning dynamic should be established to achieve the best results?

– How can you develop your teaching methods and share information?



20 hours: € 430*

* Fees include tuition and administrative services.