Our team

Our multicultural team is here to welcome and assist you as you enjoy this enriching personal experience and make progress with your French language skills. Our team of advisers is always available to provide whatever advice and support you may need:


Tel.: 0033 (0)5 46 51 77 46
Email: capellarip@excelia-group.com


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Maria Belhaj 10Maria BELHAJ
Of Franco-Portuguese background, Maria is the Manager of the IEF.
Tel.: 0033 (0)5 46 51 77 90
Email: belhajm@excelia-group.com

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Of Franco-Italian origin, Manuella is the Academic Coordinator of the IEF.
Tel.: 0033 (0)5 46 51 77 55
Email: dalm@excelia-group.com

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Emilie is French and in charge of the accommodation for international students for Excelia Group, including those enrolled at the IEF.
Tel.: 0033 (0)5 46 51 77 20
Email: baraduce@excelia-group.com


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LEGENDRE GéraldineGéraldine LEGENDRE
Géraldine is French and the Administrative Coordinator of the IEF.
Tel.: 0033 (0)5 46 51 77 73
Email: legendreg@excelia-group.com

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