Why should you choose us ?

5 good reasons to come and study at IEF La Rochelle:

  1. the IEF owns the “label Qualité FLE” and is part of “Groupement FLE.” It belongs to Excelia Academy, which is part of Excelia, a famous business school several times accredited at the national and international level;
  2. live a unique multicultural experience (more than 950 international students on the campus coming from more than 80 different nationalities);
  3. the IEF opens its doors from September to July with a possible registration of a minimum of 2 weeks;
  4. created in 1931, the IEF offers a unique pedagogical experience;
  5. the IEF is a friendly and highly qualified institute located in a touristic and privileged environment.

Chose to study in La Rochelle, because the best is yet to come!